Christian Life and Apologetics

Friendly Fire speaks to people across a broad spectrum of the Christian community. It is non-sectarian in nature focusing on the issue all people face and can relate to adversity and trial. As he leads the reader through ten aspects of trial William touches on numerous issues:

  • What has caused this trial: personal sin or God's design?
  • Can I expect miracles to free me from this test?
  • What role if any does the devil play?
  • Can anything good come from my suffering?
  • What exactly constitutes a trial?
  • Is it just me or do others feel my pain?

These and many other questions are explored in this book. Available in paperback and in an e-book format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Baker and Taylor.

Breaking the Lies

An examination of the flaws in the teachings about Generational or ancestral curses. The author explores both the teaching itself and other extreme and unbalanced views of those who teach this theology. It is a fair, balanced and biblical overview quoting from two leading figures in the discussion. Originally published as "Generational Lies; The Utter Falsehood of Ancestral Curses" this updated reprint is easy to read and understand. Whether you are a proponent or opponent of this teaching the book will prove to be a valuable and needed resource

The book is now available in paperback and in the Amazon Kindle Store at both the US and UK sites.

An examination of the popular belief in a last day transfer of wealth. Based predominantly on Proverbs 13;22 which refers to the wealth of the wicked being stored up for the righteous, this passage is used to motivate people to sow a seed into various ministries in order to reap this harvest. But the viewpoint is flawed in numerous ways. There is an obvious, Bible contradicting over-emphasis on wealth and possessions as a basis for happiness. Predictions of this "coming" transfer have circulated for over four decades making proponents unreliable in their urgent appeals and promises. Scriptural concepts are twisted in order to justify the explanations of why the transfer hasn't happened. Proponents often contradict themselves about when and how this transfer is to occur. Even if Scripture supported this "wealth reversion," accuracy requires knowing exactly when Christ is coming, which Jesus Himself said was impossible. Finally an overview of the supposed six previous transfers reveals a terribly shabby approach to those Scriptures in order to justify the teaching. A layman's level book it is a concise, highly readable, resource for refuting one of the many false teachings found in the Charismatic/Word of Faith communities.